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PINK ADOBE DYEWORKS "Frida" Sparkle Fingering Weight SW

sellingsold by Tanya G
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About PINK ADOBE DYEWORKS "Frida" Sparkle Fingering Weight SW

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: I am traveling through the desert SW (specifically Taos​,​ NM​,​ for the 2022 Wool Fest weekend) with a return date of the evening of October 5th. All yarns listed here on the DyePot site are READY TO SHIP​,​ and your purchase WILL be shipped out the morning of October 6th. "Frida" is a bright​,​ festive tribute to celebrated artist Frida Kahlo. Sister yarns to the "Dove & Elephant" sets​,​ these skeins are filled with an incredible amount of sparkling stellina. ALL SKEINS ARE READY TO SHIP. SHIPPING - Prices listed are for USPS Postage within the United States​,​ only. If you are ordering from Canada​,​ there will more than likely be an extra charge added once actual postage is calculated - go ahead and order​,​ and we will figure it all out once I have your mailing address. ALL PACKAGES ARE SHIPPED WITH INSURANCE. It's not that I don't trust your mail service - I just don't trust MINE! ;-) Vibrant pinks​​,​ teal​​,​ purple​​,​ gold and cream​​,​ with green speckling - a little more "intense" in color than the "Dove" skeins - each yarn base takes color differently. The amount of sparkle in these three skeins is ridiculous! The darker photos included here (bottom three) were taken inside the house​,​ basically to showcase the amazing sparkle in these skeins. The first​,​ brighter photos were taken in natural​,​ morning light​,​ outside. These are the happiest of skeins - a true fiesta of color! All​​​/​​​most photos are taken outside in natural light (no flash)​​​,​​​ whenever possible - Mother Nature may throw a curveball with clouds on occasion​​​,​​​ but I try to get as natural a representation of color as possible. Base on these yarns is FINGERING weight - 400 yards of super soft 70​/​20​/​10% Merino​​​/​​​Nylon​/​Silver Stellina SUPERWASH. All fibers in this collection are sourced from South America​​​,​​​ and milled​​​/​​​shipped from the UK - no mulesing​​​,​​​ EVER!

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Pink Adobe Dyeworks
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351-400 y (320.95-365.76 m)

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  • WP

    Beautiful yarn

    Wanda PAugust 2022

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